The Restaurant_(1)

"But I'd like to be seated near the lady that just went in." "Of course," she whispered knowingly, "right this way.."

Within seconds I was seated only a few feet away from the most incredible woman I'd seen in a long time. Long soft hair framed her face, drawing all attention to the most incredible blue eyes I had ever seen. Clinging to her body was a flirty emerald green silk chemise... tiny spaghetti straps supported it from china smooth shoulders. My eyes wandered slowly over her, ever cautious of being seen. One thin strapped shoe clung precariously from her foot, threatening at any instant to fall. Her ankle sported a tiny gold chain. My eyes wandered slowly back up and met hers... direct, unwavering, crystal clear blue. A tiny smile played over her lips bringing a blush to my cheeks. She looked back to the menu only to glance back towards me again, this time never averting her eyes as she let her gaze travel my length.

Our eyes met... gently at first... then stronger... never flickering... the soft smoothness of her dress suddenly broken by the swelling of her nipples... Her teeth bit gently into her lower lip as she drew her breath in slowly... deliberately... as if trying to gain control...

"May I take your order now sir?" The words stung... breaking the reverie... allowing us both precious moments to regain our composure... I ordered a salad... quickly... not wanting to waste time looking over the menu... "On the counter," I whispered, "In the foyer, were some roses. A red one for the lady in the green dress." "Certainly sir." she whispered back as she slipped away...

The food was delivered and we both glanced back and forth from eyes to food and back again.... the waitress delivered a single long-stemmed red rose and her eyes lit and a smile poured over her lips... a single glance towards me and a tiny nod as she brought the rose up, brushing it gently across her lower lip... and chills raced through me... Her tongue passed invitingly over her lips as she raised her eyes to meet mine... her shoe slipped from her foot, striking the floor gently... The gentle heaving of her chest as she fought for composure mimicd mine... My eyes gently bored into hers... exchanging deep knowing glances...

The waitress quietly deposited both checks on the table for me and I hastily scrawled my name on the credit card slip, glancing back quickly to see an empty table... gone. The scent of her perfume still permeated the air... but the chair sat empty... deserted...

The waitress slipped quietly away... stopping at the ladies table to pick up a scrap of napkin... "I believe she left this for you" she whispered as she dropped it to the table...

"Follow me"

I bolted for the door, scrambling for my keys... dropping them once in my haste. I hit the parking lot on the run... deserted... not a car moved... I was too late... I glanced in haste from side to side.. searching for her... An engine ground to life and a candy red Chrysler Convertible slid out of a parking spot and rolled to a stop in front of me... The passenger window slid down and her face jumped out at me as she gently kissed the rose and pulled away....

By the time I reached the driveway, she was a full block ahead... weaving through the traffic, I gradually gained on her until I was only a few car lengths behind... as we turned off onto a deserted residential street, she widened the gap, twisting and turning through the city. A flash of brake lights and she slipped into a driveway... My car rolled to a stop as she disappeared into the house... leaving the front door standing open...

Trying desperately to maintain my composure, I strolled nonchalantly up the drive and slipped through the front door..

A single thin strapped green shoe lay abandoned in the entryway... farther down the hall, another enticed me in. I scooped hem both up in my hands, slowly walking down the long hallway past her green purse. A patch of emerald green lay in the doorway beckoning me in. Inside the bedroom, my eyes scanned quickly, adjusting to the dim light searching for her... in the middle of the floor her tiny lace panties lay abandoned.

On the huge bed, she lay, inviting... soft... beautiful in the gentle light. Her hair spread gently over the pillow and her right leg bent gracefully inward obscuring her soft mound. My eyes slowly caressed her as I slipped my jacket off... tossing it on a nearby chair... the tie quickly followed and I felt myself throb. Her back arched gracefully thrusting her breasts upwards, nipples hard and erect. I kicked my shoes off as I unfastened my belt. On the night stand the red rose lay quietly in the glow of a small lamp.

Naked and throbbing, I slid quietly into the bed beside her, our eyes never wavering, voices never sounding. Hesitating for an instant, I reached out to gently touch her creamy skin causing a shudder to pass through her body and a tiny moan to escape her lips. Gently, I cupped her breast in my hand, feeling her nipple press against my palm. Her fingers gently closed over mine and a tiny gasp escaped her lips as she pushed my hand down over her stomach. Rolling towards her, our lips met softly, tongues gently brushing, exchanging breaths as the kiss intensified. Passions arouse and her hips thrust upwards into my hand as she pressed me against her soft moist mound. Her nipples pressed into my chest as out tongues tangled and danced, breathes and moans blended into one. I felt my hardness press against her hip in eager anticipation. On the night stand, the rose lay waiting. My fingers reached out, closing over the stem, drawing it to me. I brushed the soft petals across her lips, watching as the parted to allow her tongue the pleasure of the rose. Gently, down across her throat caressing hr soft skin, gently kissing her nipples, the rose traveled. Behind it, a trail of goose bumps arouse and her teeth bit gently into her lower lip as if to hold back a gasp. Hips rose from the bed, twisting gently as her back arched and the rose caressed her stomach...

In the background, soft sensual music wafted from the stereo and the room was filled with the scent of perfume to match her hair. And the rose kissed her gently on the stomach. Her eyes opened meeting my gaze clearly, each looking deeply into the others soul, blue and clear, filled with the tears of desire. Not a word was spoken as the rose caressed her soft thighs.

Her legs opened gently in anticipation of the kiss of the rose. Deep in her throat, a soft moan escaped followed by her first barely audible word... "yesss" she whispered and the rose gently kissed her thighs, climbing slowly higher.

Our mouths met again in a passionate tangle of tongues seeking tongues and the rose gently brushed against her velvet lips, softly drinking in the forming moisture. Her legs opened wider, accepting, inviting as the rose gently brushed across her tiny hardening pearl, kissing it with gentle lips. And the rose tasted her passion.

Her fingers gently closed around my hardness, softly stroking the length of the shaft... her fingers at once cool and searing hot. And the rose tasted her swollen lips... caressing them with velvet petals as soft as the lips they touched, gently kissing and drinking in her moisture as if to quench an insatiable thirst. Our mouths pressed together in passion, each straining to get closer to the other. Passions mounted as every sense was heightened. The scent of the rose and her perfume mixed delicately with the scent of her arousal. And the rose gently entered her.

A tiny cry escaped her lips as her fingers dug into my back, clawing in passion, pulling me closer. Her hips thrust upwards as her passion mounted, her body crying for the kiss of the rose. She shuddered as the first wave struck causing a cry of passion to push through her lips...

The rose lay spent, cast aside as our bodies came together. I felt her legs wrap tightly around mine, drawing me closer as her teeth sunk into my shoulder. The tip of my hardness pressed momentarily against her, then slid softly inside, driving the depth of her and then withdrawing. Her hips thrust up from the bed and the relaxed only to thrust again as I drove back into her... The ripples from inside her were transmitted the length of my hardness as I withdrew and then drove again... seemingly deeper with each stroke, feeling her soft hair tangle with mine, both wet with the juice of the other. Again and again we drove together sending wonderful sensations coursing through our bodies.

Our moans intensified, building deep in our throats as the passions grew. Hotter and harder we drove together, mouths wildly tasting, sucking, exploring. Her ripples grew to waves as I felt them wash over me building, pounding against me. With each throb, she moaned and the waves increased... Suddenly... without warning we each erupted into and around the other. Juices flowed filling her to capacity and mixing with hers. Her scream of ecstasy broke the quiet of the room as the final wave broke inside her... "Yesssss... we screamed in unison before collapsing, spent and exhausted.

Slowly her fingernails dragged down my back as if in a last attempt at holding the passion, only to collapse loosely at her sides...

A giggle erupted from deep within her throat... "Hi baby." she whispered "How was your day."


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The Restaurant_(1)